Who We Are

Mihai Consulting, Inc — the brainchild of Mihai Cădariu — is a small company specialized in Web Content Management consulting and implementation.

We possess expert SDL Tridion knowledge ranging from high-level consulting on Solution Architecture, Content Strategy, Interaction Design, Search Engine Optimization to integrations with Portal, Search, E-commerce, Translation platforms, and to implementations such as Templating, Workflow, Event System, Content Delivery, MVC, CWA, DD4T, SCD.

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As Dynamic Delivery 4 Tridion (DD4T) is in fact CWA 2.0 regarding technology and vision, it was only natural that we would be one of its early adopters.


When it comes to CWA, all you need do is — "Ask Mihai". He is the undisputed authority with years of implementing, architecting and managing CWA.

Portal Integration

We have integrated Tridion with several portals on the market, each with its own set of features and challenges. You can leverage this knowledge in your project.


When it comes to securing your website, Secure Content Delivery (SCD) is an all-time favourite. It can secure pages, binaries, components and even links.

Search Integration

"We just want a search box in the page header" — sounds familiar? That's pretty much how it starts. Push or crawl? Secured? Faceted? Server? Client? Let's discuss.


Templating is every Content Management System's core capability. Yet it can still be daunting with Tridion, mainly due to lack of knowledge. Let us help.