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Mihai is a true computer aficionado, who started programming at age 9, back in the days of Spectrum ZX (HC-85), in BASIC. Later, in highschool, he followed a Computer Science curriculum — this is where his formal IT training started with programming languages like Pascal, C, C++, data structures and algorithms.

It was only natural for him to continue his university education in the field of Computer Science and Automation, where after two thorough years of maths, superior algebra, differential calculus, mathematical analysis, and more maths, he finally specialized in Computer Science. Among many other topics he learned Java, C++, data structures, algorithms, and design patterns.

Mihai completed his studies with a Master of Science degree in Artificial Intelligence, after having studied Genetic Algorithms, Autonomous Agents, Multi-Agent Systems, Relational and Multi-Relational Data Mining.


During and after graduation, Mihai worked for Perot Systems as Scientific Programmer, researching his Master's thesis in Multi-Relational Data Mining. At the same time, he upgraded/ported a text mining search engine from Unix to Windows.

As Java Software Engineer for Compuware Europe, Mihai worked on OptimalJ, a model-driven development environment for Java, J2EE. Here he learned EJB, Struts, JSP/JSTL, and enterprise-level web development.

Tridion Years

In 2005, Mihai joined Tridion (the company name pre SDL acquisition) as Technical Consultant. From early on he was involved in many integration projects, mainly due to his strong web development skills. He learned VB, C#, VBScript, JScript, XSLT and was exposed to the dynamic world of consulting.

In 2009, Mihai moved to SDL's San Jose, California office. As Senior Technical Consultant, he was Tridion solution architect, team leader, and mentor to junior consultants.

In 2012, Mihai became the only United States Principal Consultant in SDL's Web Content Management (WCM) team, where his main responsibilities were solution architecture and roadmap, supporting sales and management, knowledge transfers, coaching, implementation, and training.

Since 2014, Mihai is the owner and Principal Consultant of Mihai Consulting, Inc., where he leads a successful Tridion implementation business.

Of Note

Mihai is an avid motorcyclist, a world traveler who enjoys going to every corner of the world, on two wheels if possible. He is a father of two and loves spending time with his beautiful family.

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