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Yes, you can write SDL Tridion templates in Java. Whether they are Java code fragments, JSPs or JAR libraries, the Java Mediator makes it all possible.

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Java Mediator brings the power of Java to Tridion Content Manager templating engine. The .NET Tridion Object Model (TOM.NET) API is exposed to Java through a Java Native Interface (JNI) proxy. This allows the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to be executed within the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) process, and it allows objects to be passed through from one runtime to the other.

Tridion Developers can use the following Template Building Blocks:

  • Java Code Fragments to write inline Java code without the need of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

  • JSP / JSTL Templates to generate the actual template output

  • JAR libraries to store all needed classes in the Content Manager

A tool called TCMUploadJar uploads JARs to the Content Manager and creates or updates the JAR TBBs.

Templates can be debugged remotely using IDEs such as Eclipse.


  • Java Standard Tag Library (JSTL) support
  • Expression Language (EL) support provides Package variables lookup using Java bean notation
  • Extensible JAR libraries support - new JARs are simply copied to Java Mediator's lib folder
  • High performance - cache mechanism keeps compiled TBBs for faster execution

Supported Versions

Java Mediator is supported on the following SDL Tridion versions:

  • 2011 GA
  • 2011 SP1 (including their respective Hotfix Rollups)
  • 2013 GA
  • 2013 SP1

Additional Information

Most information is available on Mihai's blog under label Mediator at

Additionally, Mihai presented the TOM.Java API in a community webinar from June 2013, available at

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