OData Query Extension

This extension exposes the full CD search capabilities to OData. It includes custom metadata search, custom ordering and pagination.

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SDL Tridion Content Delivery Web Service does not offer the full query capabilities of the Content Delivery API. This extension to OData fills that gap by exposing the full CD API query functionality through the OData protocol. It supports searching on multiple custom metadata fields, and well as searching on taxonomy/keyword metadata fields. Pagination and ordering are also possible even on custom fields like dates or numeric.

Internally, OData Query Extension is backed by a powerful parser that makes the transition from the query terms present in the URL to an object model ready to be executed by the Content Delivery API. Recently parsed expressions are kept in an LRU memory cache, which speeds up execution of popular search queries.

In a nutshell, this is "CD query API in a URL".


  • Custom metadata search
  • Taxonomy/Keywords search
  • Ordering results on multiple keys including custom metadata fields
  • Pagination
  • Custom query function support
  • Works with both Java and .NET Content Delivery Web Services
  • Trivial installation

Supported Versions

OData Query Extension is supported for the following SDL Tridion versions:

  • 2011 GA
  • 2011 SP1 (including their respective Hotfix Rollups)
  • 2013 GA
  • 2013 SP1

Additional Information

Most information is available on Mihai's blog under label OData at yatb.mitza.net/search/label/OData:

Additionally, Mihai presented the OData Query Extension in a community webinar from September 2013, available at webinars.julianwraith.com/2013/07/31/september-2013-webinar

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