REL Standard Tag Library completes the SDL Tridion's Rendering Expression Language (REL) with essential functionality such as loops, conditionals, XSLT.

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RSTL is a Java library of REL tags running on SDL Tridion Content Delivery and providing a standardized way of performing common tasks. Similar to Java Standard Tag Library (JSTL), the functionality includes standard looping, conditionals, formatting and transformation tags. The library is meant for developers as a productivity tool for their development.

RSTL is internally backed by a parser and provides Expression Language (EL) capability by using Java bean notation to lookup objects, variables and expressions in the Content Delivery runtime context.

The built-in LRU cache speeds up EL expression resolving by keeping last expressions in memory as parsed expression trees and only invoking their resolving to a value.


  • Loop tag: forEach
  • Condition tags: choose, when, otherwise, if
  • Managing variables: import, set, remove
  • Date formatting: parseDate, formatDate
  • XSL transformation: transform
  • Expression Language (EL) support provides Content Delivery context lookup using Java bean notation
  • Works with both Java and .NET Content Delivery installations
  • Trivial installation

Supported Versions

RSTL is supported for the following SDL Tridion versions:

  • 2011 GA
  • 2011 SP1 (including their respective Hotfix Rollups)
  • 2013 GA
  • 2013 SP1

Additional Information

Most information is available on Mihai's blog under label REL at

Additionally, Mihai presented RSTL in a community webinar from September 2013, available at

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