Our Core Expertise

With more than 9 years experience with SDL Tridion, our services offering is broad. Whether the engagement is high-level consulting, system integration, hands-on development or training, we provide stellar expertise and the guarantee that you will use the top 1% professionals on you project.

Content Delivery

Content Delivery is a topic we always do passionately, regardless if it's Java, .NET, service architecture, integrations, infrastructure or plain old installations.


As Dynamic Delivery 4 Tridion (DD4T) is in fact CWA 2.0 regarding technology and vision, it was only natural that we would be one of its early adopters.


When it comes to CWA, all you need do is — "Ask Mihai". He is the undisputed authority with years of implementing, architecting and managing CWA.

Event System

Automation is an integral part of every Tridion implementation and it can influence its performance dearly. That's why we know how to write it optimally.

Mobile Solution

In this day and age, it is all about multi-device responsive web design. But there are so many things to consider; so many questions to answer. We can help.

Portal Integration

We have integrated Tridion with several portals on the market, each with its own set of features and challenges. You can leverage this knowledge in your project.


When it comes to securing your website, Secure Content Delivery (SCD) is an all-time favourite. It can secure pages, binaries, components and even links.

Search Integration

"We just want a search box in the page header" — sounds familiar? That's pretty much how it starts. Push or crawl? Secured? Faceted? Server? Client? Let's discuss.


Templating is every Content Management System's core capability. Yet it can still be daunting with Tridion, mainly due to lack of knowledge. Let us help.


Old VBScript workflows? .NET single-item workflows? New multi-item bundle workflows? We have done it all. We can be your workflow specialists.


Yet Another Workflow Framework (YAWF) is a set of modules that Mihai put together in order to create a unified, consistent and easy to implement framework.