Content Delivery

Content Delivery is a topic we always do passionately, regardless if it's Java, .NET, service architecture, integrations, infrastructure or plain old installations.

We can help with many aspects of this broad topic — starting from a top-down approach such as choosing a Publishing Model that is scalable and well-performing for your organization.

Then moving into solution and architecture design by ensuring the functional requirements are well translated into technical design.

Finally, implementation, testing and stabilization to verify/validate that the right functionality is working correctly.

What We Offer

  • Publishing model consulting
  • Content Delivery architecture
  • Deployer extension
  • Storage extension
  • Search integration
  • Portal integration
  • Third-party system integration
  • CDN integration (Akamai, Level-3)
  • MVC integrations (CWA, DD4T, Spring, MVC.NET)
  • Client-side templating (JavaScript, AJAX, Angular, node.js)
  • Services Oriented Approach (SOA)
  • Content Delivery Web Service (OData) extension
  • Rendering Expression Language (REL)
  • Web Development
  • Infrastructure design
  • Installation

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