When it comes to CWA, all you need do is — "Ask Mihai". He is the undisputed authority with years of implementing, architecting and managing CWA.

For over 6 years, Mihai was the owner of Content Web Application (CWA) while it was part of the SDL's Professional Services offering (nowadays CWA is part of the actual product). This role included development, testing, documentation and release of all new CWA features. We can claim without any modesty, we have the most CWA knowledge anywhere in the world.

Mihai was involved in many CWA implementations, integrations and proof of concept for a wide range of financial institutions, retailers, manufacturers or insurance companies. He architected integrations with search engines, e-commerce platforms, proprietary back-end systems and web services.

Topics such as Page/Binary distribution filters, Entrance servlet, XSLT filter, JSP Views, XML Invokables, Dynamic Configurations, Publication/View Identifier factories are all very familiar, partly because he wrote some of them.

What We Offer

  • Enterprise solution design
  • Implementation
  • Expert consulting on existing implementation
  • Integration with 3rd party system
  • Installation

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