Event System

Automation is an integral part of every Tridion implementation and it can influence its performance dearly. That's why we know how to write it optimally.

When designing Event Systems, it is important to realize the impact it will have on the entire system. We have been designing Event Systems since 2005, on Tridion R5.1 SP4, and can say we have seen it all. Since the early days of VB Event Systems up until the latest .NET modern days implementations, it needs to be written keeping in mind the effect it can have on the entire system performance.

We can help with Event System design, scoping, translating functional requirement into technical specification and then into code. We can consult on higher level on the feasibility of implementing certain requirements as Event System.

What We Offer

  • High-level consulting on Event System feasibility
  • Solution design
  • Technical specification
  • Implementation
  • Best practices
  • Existing implementation sanity check

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