When it comes to securing your website, Secure Content Delivery (SCD) is an all-time favourite. It can secure pages, binaries, components and even links.

For over 7 years, Mihai was the owner of SCD — a task that included architecting, developing, maintaining, documenting and releasing every new version of SCD. At the same time, he holds expert knowledge about implementing SCD, on both Java and .NET technologies, server-side or as a service, in many real life scenarios.

We also have top of the line expertise integrating SCD with portals and user repositories such as Active Directory, LDAP, Java Enterprise Security Realms including also a few custom security providers.

In the more recent SDL Tridion versions, we have integrated SCD as a service running on the Content Delivery Web Service (OData) using Ambient Data Framework (ADF) to pass-through user role information.

What We Offer

  • High-level secured delivery strategy
  • Formalizing functional requirements
  • Solution architecture
  • Technical design
  • Implementation
  • Best practices
  • Existing implementation sanity check
  • Installation

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