Search Integration

"We just want a search box in the page header" — sounds familiar? That's pretty much how it starts. Push or crawl? Secured? Faceted? Server? Client? Let's discuss.

We have done search integrations in pretty much all the forms them come in. We can help with solution designing, vendor selection, translating functional requirements into technical design and of course with implementation.

We integrated SDL Tridion with Verity, IDOL, Lucene, SOLR, Fast, Google Search Appliance. We also provided secure search integrations, sometimes coupled with SCD, where we would exclude certain search results if their accessibility level was not matching the visitor's role information.

Planning to use Search Integration 4 Tridion (SI4T)? We can help with that too.

What We Offer

  • High-level secured delivery strategy
  • Vendor selection
  • Formalizing functional requirements
  • Solution architecture
  • Technical design
  • Implementation
  • Best practices
  • Existing implementation sanity check

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