Templating is every Content Management System's core capability. Yet it can still be daunting with Tridion, mainly due to lack of knowledge. Let us help.

There are several moving parts that must be well understood before somebody can write proficient templates in Tridion. We have years of real projects experience where we identified not only the optimal technical solution for writing well-performing, easily maintainable templates, but also the best practices.

SDL Tridion is highly versatile open system, where a certain task can be achieved in several ways. This is exactly the case with templating, where a given solution might unfortunately not scale well, or be easily maintainable, or perform well. Writing templates is easy. Writing the right template with the right content model is not that much. Let us help.

There are many technologies available to write templates in. We have deep knowledge, based on best practices with the classic Dreamweaver, C#, or .NET Assembly Template Building Blocks, but also with the more exotic Razor Mediator, Java Mediator with its JSP/JSTL and JAR Template Building Blocks, and also with the XSLT Mediator.

What We Offer

  • Solution architecture
  • Formalizing functional requirements
  • Technical design based on best practices
  • Implementation
  • Existing implementation sanity check

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