Old VBScript workflows? .NET single-item workflows? New multi-item bundle workflows? We have done it all. We can be your workflow specialists.

We have been writing SDL Tridion workflows since 2005, back when they were written in VB. A lot has changed in the meantime and nowadays we write multi-item bundle workflows in .NET. However, the core rules of Tridion workflow have not changed. This is why we have some of the top knowledge in the market.

Ever attempted to integrate Experience Manager (XPM) or SiteEdit with workflow? There are a number of small tricky details that should never be neglected, such as placing minor version items on a Page, perhaps in a child Publication. These are issues we faced long time before, and for which we have developed solutions and best practices.

Integrations with user repositories, Audience Manager, LDAP or even simpler tasks like sending email notifications or automatic publishing are just a few examples of the work we have come to master.

What We Offer

  • High-level workflow design
  • Formalizing functional requirements
  • Solution architecture
  • Technical design
  • Implementation
  • Best practices
  • Existing implementation sanity check

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