Yet Another Workflow Framework (YAWF) is a set of modules that Mihai put together in order to create a unified, consistent and easy to implement framework.

Creating workflows imply using similar building blocks from implementation to implementation. Rather than creating the same functionality time and time again, Mihai put together several modules available as separate solutions and created YAWF with the intention of having common workflow functionality available for quick roll-out as one single framework. At the same time, he streamlined the development methodology, made a unified configuration mechanism, common logging interface and made it all extendible.

Some of the most popular functionality included in YAWF are email notification, Tridion-based user repository for email addresses, and scheduled publishing.

Our offering includes having Mihai — YAWF's creator himself, design, architect and implement this solution in your project.

What We Offer

  • High-level solution design (from YAWF's creator himself)
  • Formalizing functional requirements
  • Technical design
  • Implementation
  • Best practices
  • Existing implementation sanity check
  • Installation

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